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Our Commitment to Sustainability

Our FY21 Sustainability Report can be found here.

Our Journey

SCA Property Group began measuring energy, water and waste data in 2015 and have participated in sustainability benchmark reporting since 2016.

In FY21 we continue to measure and report our sustainability achievements. However, we believe that now is the time to reflect on our achievements and launch our new sustainability strategy that will enable us to make a bigger difference toward 2030 and beyond.

Love Local, Shop Local, Act Local remains a core focus of SCA Property Group and we understand that loving local communities means acting on climate risks that could impact them. We are committed to improving both the social and environmental performance of SCA Property Group and to work with our retailers, customers and external partners to help deliver positive changes.

Our Targets

We are targeting our efforts in six key areas where we can have maximum impact while enhancing our economic sustainability in the communities where we operate.

Our Pathways

Our new sustainability targets are the boldest in the history of SCA Property Group. In particular, we are most proud of our commitment to net zero 2030 carbon emissions from onsite operations (scope 1 and 2). We are resourced appropriately and energised to achieve our targets. We know our pathways are tangible, achievable and will directly benefit our local communities, our operations and the environment.

Our Transparency

SCA Property Group operates in a transparent manner, making non confidential information available on our website for the market, retailers and customers. We will continue to operate transparently as we act and report our sustainability targets. Our sustainability targets and data are externally verified by sustainability consultancy Cundall, see the verification statement on page 36 of the FY21 Sustainability Report for more information.