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Unit Price

This graph provides a guide to the unit price for SCA Property Group.

Your acquisition price

SCA Property Group may be required to periodically advise you of the price at which you have acquired SCP securities or why SCP cannot. If you have purchased SCP securities on-market SCA Property Group will not know this information and cannot provide it to you. Please contact your broker if you wish to know the price at which you have acquired SCP securities.

Calculating your return on investment

It is not possible for SCA Property Group to accurately calculate your return on investment. Typically an investor calculates a return on investment as the percentage of a distribution per stapled security received in a financial year divided by the cost of the stapled security. If acquisitions of stapled securities are made at several times during a financial year an investor should give consideration to weighting each stapled security's return of investment in the context of the investor's total investment in stapled securities (as opposed to simply calculating an average return on investment).