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Small Unitholding Sale Facility

On 28 August 2014, SCA Property Group announced the implementation of the SCP Small Unitholding Sale Facility which provides eligible unitholders a convenient way to sell their SCP units without brokerage costs.

SCP unitholders who hold 294 or less SCP units (which represents a market value of less than $500) on 8 August 2014 are eligible for the sale facility.

Sale proceeds will be sent to participating unitholders on or about 24 October 2014 by direct credit or by cheque in accordance with the payment instructions held on the register.

The links below provide further information. Unitholders with further queries should contact the SCP Small Unitholding Sale Facility information line on 1300 318 976 (tollfree within Australia) (or +61 1300 318 976 outside Australia).

Further information:

Chairman's Letter to Unitholders

Terms and Conditions